The direct sales industry is surging. Today, nearly 1 in 7 U.S. households has a direct sales representative as more than 96 million direct sellers worldwide drive a $178 billion industry.
Millions of sellers means millions of personally-branded websites, which can now be found on almost every cyber street corner. But, if every great company has great websites featuring its great products, how do you possibly stand out among the crowd?


Storytelling: The Separator
All effective marketing runs on stories, and it’s especially true in the direct sales industry.
Stories sell. The transfer of experience, one person to another, is powerful. Distributors of Reliv International wanted websites that tell great stories.
(They also wanted a sleek product gallery, a connection to the company’s ordering system, and a mobile-friendly, responsive design. But those are all givens; they’re basic. They’re not separators.)


It comes down to storytelling. Authentic storytelling.
We traveled the country with our video camera and recorded some of the most compelling testimonials among the Reliv sales force. They shared their life-changing health and lifestyle stories with us. We asked them probing questions about their hopes and fears.
Their authentic responses amazed us. And, inspired us.
The result? It’s what we believe separates their websites from all the rest on the block: Compelling stories.


True Agility
We didn’t stop there.
We also gave much thought to how the direct sales business is conducted. Yes, websites provide visibility and they do capture some search traffic.
But, direct sales is still largely done face to face, in living rooms and coffee shops and other intimate settings. An effective storytelling platform should be agile; it should work on the web and in person equally well.
We knew that direct sellers needed a presentation tool they could use for their in-home presentations. That’s why the product photos on our Reliv websites are large enough to be seen from across the room. It’s why the videos are launched in a shadow box that mutes the rest of the content on the page. It’s why on any given page the text is placed below the video and images, which are most important in live presentations.
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No one else has your story. Tell it authentically.