Crown Financial Ministries provides Bible-based instruction in personal finance, career development and business. Its programs reach millions of people across 5 continents and more than 80 nations, spanning some 120 languages.


Toward Web-Based Programming
Like most ministries, Crown has traditionally administered its programs with written manuals and workbooks. Crown asked us to help them develop a strategy for building a subscription-based online learning platform.
When you serve people all around the world, things like language and economic disparity quickly become issues. Ten dollars is affordable to someone in North America but cost-prohibitive to most people in sub-Saharan Africa.
Crown had another challenge: it owned a seminal book on business (authored by its founder), but lacked a strong foothold in the business leadership arena.
In both cases, we helped Crown develop a strategy for building web products that met their needs.



Thoughtful Products
For the world-wide curriculum, we built a subscription platform that reads the physical location of the users and shows them a subscription price based on that location. People in developed countries pay more; those in other parts of the world pay less.
For the Crown business initiative, we developed an online marketplace hub where business owners can come for advice, take online courses and receive coaching. This website was an initial step in Crown’s expansion into the business arena.
We had the pleasure of helping Crown develop a strategy, select the right technology and build thoughtful products that help them tell their story to more of the world.


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